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Top Ten Cyclone Traditions

As the leaves begin to change and the temperatures plummet, one question is on all Iowa State students’ minds: “how do I fit in?” Our student life correspondent reaches out to Cyclone Aide John Applewood to learn about the top traditions at Iowa State. Follow these traditions and all of your friends will be asking you how you got so cool.

1. Eat at Seasons Dining Center

Every Cyclone needs to check out the legendary Seasons Dining Center. You never know what culinary delights await you behind its mighty doors. Hungry for oven baked pizza for the eighth night in a row? They’ve got it. Interested in a juicy black bean burger with a side of broccolini? Order up, baby.

2. Assert your dominance over Lancelot and Elaine

You’re not a true Cyclone until you’ve chased down our beloved pair of swans and wrestled them into submission. A headlock, arm bar, or leglock will do.

3. For the love of God, walk around the Zodiac

This is less of a tradition and more of a safety precaution. Cyclone Aides are fond of telling tour groups that you’ll “fail your next test” if you tread upon the ancient Zodiac symbols, but the reality is far more sinister…

4. Perform the sacred Campaniling ritual

Anoint yourself by pouring a cup of olive oil on your forehead from Seasons Dining center. Approach the campanile at 11:50 PM crawling on hands and knees. Once you’ve reached the base of the clocktower, chant the ISU fight song backwards. At midnight, kiss each corner of the campanile on the 1st, 3rd, 5th, and 7th tolls of the bell. On the final toll, prick your finger and let a single drop of blood fall to the ground while whispering “Wintersteen.”

5. Get hit by a CyRide and shout “Free Tuition!”

Finding yourself strapped for cash? It is a well-known fact that the University has to give a full-ride scholarship to any student hit by a CyRide bus. Thankfully, the bus drivers are ruthless and will run you down without a second thought.

6. Go to VEISHEA

Vet Med. Engineering. Industrial Science. Home Economics. Agriculture. A weeklong celebration of learning, research, and promotion of the proud Iowa State Colleges. There’s one thing everyone – students, administration, and faculty – can agree on: VEISHEA is great for ISU and the Ames community. What’s not to love?

7. Get swole at State Gym

Nothin’ better than pumping iron with the boys. Bring red and gold pre-workout for that classic ISU feel. Don’t forget to give David Montgomery a fist bump.

8. RES Week

RES WEEK! HELL YEAH! Get the gang together to celebrate the affordable and luxurious dorm life at ISU. There will be games, concerts, parties, giveaways, and more. Rumor has it that the Friley dungeons will have Jell-O shots.

9. Wearing baseball caps to lecture

If you’re in a sorority, don’t forget to bring your favorite baseball cap to lecture and pull it down over your eyes. Like waaaay down. Eye contact is scary, we get it. Go Cyclones!

10. Obtain a Mechanical Engineering degree

Can you call yourself a Cyclone without a Mechanical Engineering degree? Maybe, but I’m not sure anyone has attempted the feat. Don’t forget to tell everyone about your prestigious degree.

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  1. Charmeleon Charmeleon October 31, 2018

    False. Seasons bean burgers are always cold and dry.

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